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Sheldon knocking on the door

June 2010

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Sheldon & Penny Smiling

The Missing Effect

Sheldon Cooper was sitting in his spot. He turned his head to face the window, and the sky was clear over the buildings. "There is something missing...", he said out loud. Leonard was reading his comic book, until he realized that Sheldon said something. "Uh, yeah sure.",
"No something is missing. I can't-",
"Penny?", his hands gripped on the comic book.

Sheldon didn't say anything. That probably was the reason. That Penny wasn't here.
Her brightly smile always making Sheldon quite nervous. He wanted a challenge. But, apparently, he has gotten the challenge, the challenge that he could see her again.

 But he couldn't.

Because she left. She left because of Leonard. Leonard was making the relationship worse, by drinking. He was drinking because he was depressed, depressed because he couldn't have sex. Penny wanted to lay low on the whole sex thing. She says it frustrating, she is frustrated by the 'can we have sex all time' thing. It was rather annoying.

"Shouldn't you be worried about something else, other than Penny.", Leonard snap made him cut away his thoughts. Sheldon looked gobsmacked, "I beg your pardon, but I like Penny-as a friend- and I miss her."
"Well you could've said that.", he faintly said.
"But, I didn't. I wanted to make it a clue.", in his condescending tone. "Bazinga." he smirked.
"Oh will you stop that? It's so dumb."
"Why because you didn't make up the word?", Sheldon raised his brows, crossing his arms as he said.
Leonard rolled his eyes. "Forget it.",

Later that day.
Sheldon rubbed his hands together from the click-and-the-clack from the keyboard. He was typing to much. He missed the, 'what the hell are you typing?' coming from Penny. He turned around to see if she was really there, to see if was glaring those green daggers on the backside of his head. But, she wasn't. She really wasn't here. Somehow, he couldn't figure out why she hasn't e-mailed him back lately. Finally going into Community College?, he thought. He realized he was alone in his apartment. He smiled to himself, and sighed. She would always bug him about something. Either from fixing her laptop, or helping her getting the car fixed in someway. Sheldon Lee Cooper was really there for Penny.
Then his slender fingers caressed the word, 'P', and 'e'. And then 'n', 'n', and finally, 'y'.
He wanted to write another long e-mail to her, about his daily life. And his friends, and sometimes about movies, and comics. He remembered her as comic nerd as well, he chuckled to himself.

I got her into that. He told himself. He remembered her visiting over at the apartment for the Halo Nights. She would always kick his ass, no matter how hard he tried to hide, she still found him, and killed one of the Master Chiefs he would be playing.

Sheldon crossed his arms that night, the night that Penny was leaving. "Where is Leonard, and the rest of em'?", she asked, looking around. He rolled his eyes, "They aren't here because of some Alien Marathon, that is playing at the AMC Theater, and they wanted good seats."

"And I'm leaving, and they don't care. How sweet of them.", she snarled at her words. Somehow Sheldon found this quite, intriguing. "Was that sarcasm?", he questioned, his smile rising. Penny gave him the 'Look', and he stared back at her. "So, I'm guessing It is...", he nodded trying to find the answer. She rolled her eyes, "Yes, Sheldon. It was sarcasm.", she sighed, putting the X-Box 360 controller gently on the table. Then she glanced at him, and walked to the kitchen. "Your acting weird Sheldon.", she finally said, getting a bottle of cold water from the fridge. He licked his lips quickly, "Recently, or right now?", his voice smooth and calm. 
She grabbed another cold bottle of water, and threw it to Sheldon, and of course, Sheldon caught it.

His voice... it seems different right now. What the hell is going? she thought to her self.
"Uhm, sure right now.", she sat next to him. "I don't know what your talking about.", he suddenly got tense, moving a millimeter from her. Which didn't change much.
"Like your different, your acting not like somewhat Sheldon-ny.", she clarified, smiling at her response, she took a sip of her water. Sheldon raised his left brow, "Are you on some type of drug? ", he flatly told asked her.
She smiled, putting the bottle of water on the table. "You wish."
His face was priceless, his left eye twitching, and his top lip quivering. "W-what?", he was taken aback.
"I'm kidding. It was a joke.", she laughed. And he seemed to calm down now. "You scared me.", his hand clutching his green lantern shirt, his breathing faltered.

"Anyways.", she grabbed the controller, leaning her head against his arm. "let's kick some noob ass!",
Sheldon never has been tense in his life, in fact, he never wanted to be touched. He seemed to cool it, and went on to play.
"You, you killed me. Again! How many times now?!", his voice seemed dry. "Oh come on! ", she said, pressing start. "No! Penny, ever since you played this game, you been beating me."
She rolled her eyes, "Oh please. You beat me once.", she tried to stiff a giggle. "More of the reasons why, I team up with you.", he countered, putting the controller on the table. "Your not gonna play anymore?"
"Why not?!",
"Because- you always win. And I mean, always."
"Your point? Come on, were here to have fun. And today is my last day here anyways."
He became stiff, once again. He turned slowly, "Penny... I'm sorry, but...", his voice was low.

Suddenly the air in the room got cold. Penny got up from the couch, and walked up to him. "Whats the matter?", she asked. "You leaving...", he stepped back from her. "Sheldon, I know. But, I have to.", her voice became shaky. She wanted to tell him that everything is going to be okay, but she that everything wasn't.
"What did I do, to make you leave...", he looked at the ground, his voice breaking, hands clenching the sides of his pants.
"You didn't do anything, Sheldon.",
He looked up to see those green forest eyes beaming to his, and he half smiled. "Then who did?",
She sighed, "Leonard."
"And your leaving because of him?",
"Yes?", she was confused.
He stepped close to her, and stopped moving. His breath hitching from the closeness, and he gently laid his hands to entwine into hers.
She was shocked, not only, but those blue eyes really lost her. "You can't leave, Penny.",
"I-I'm sorry?", she choked up, her eyes watering, what is up with him?
"I need you here. ",
Her eyes widened, "What?",
"Penny, please stay here.", his eyes also becoming watery.
She noticed his eyes were becoming very light blue from the tears. "You don't understand...", he continued, "I'm going to miss you.", then he leaned his head towards hers. "Sheldon, you don't know what your doing.", she said, her breath also hitching.

This is Sheldon.
Not anybody else.
But... SHELDON?!

"Please stay, Penny. ", then a tear rolled down his cheek. He couldn't bear it any longer. It was so hard, fighting back his emotions. "Sheldon...", she laid her hand against his slender chest, and raised head toward his ear. "I'm going to miss you the most.",
Their lips nearly inches away from each other, and he stared at her. "Do you trust me?", she asked out of random. "Yes.", clearly knowing that his trust from Leonard is lightyears away from Penny's, his trust to hers is real.
She bit her bottom lip, and leaned into him. Her lips gently touching his, he stiffened from the contact. He was so innocent. Her lips were so soft, so gentle. He was fighting something inside of him, the urge to kiss her back.


He kissed her back.

Their rhythmic kissing started to get real intense. He couldn't fight it off, his hormones were know controlling him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and tried not to buckle. He made sure that wasn't going to happen. He lifted her up towards the counter, he gently let go of her soft, warm, gentle lips, against his, and panted.
"Sheldon!", she panted now, her hands messing up his hair. "How did you kiss like that?", she was overall shocked, but a little turned on. He smiled at her. "It was instinct.", he simply stated, his breathing leveling to a normal rate.

Sheldon sighed bitterly, his finger still caressing the 5 letters of her name, 'Penny'. He deeply is missing her. Her laugh, her smile, her questions.

Her... everything...