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Sheldon knocking on the door

June 2010

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Sheldon knocking on the door

My Weird Dream

I just had to post this!


I woke up, realizing I had one cute Shenny moment in my brain. And now I'm going to tell you about it.

Well what happened was Penny was next to Sheldon, and he was holding his chocolates. She said something, and somehow, Sheldon rolled a chocolate against her cheek.  Penny looked surprised, and was walking out the door, until Sheldon was leaning against the door with his arm. And Penny gave Sheldon a peck on this lips.
Some how, the audeience was going crazy, clapping, cheering, screaming, you name it.

It felt so real. And so right. I just had to post this.

Oh and I had some other crazy dreams with Sheldon or Jim, but I'll tell you later!  ;)


Ha ha gotta love Shenny dreams. I had one the other night. Then I wake up and realise that damn, if only.


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